Children from 64 Countries Participated in FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP

This year marks the 5th season of FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP. This programme brings together young football players from 64 different counties who acted as ambassadors for the programme. Twelve year old boys and girls were united in eight international Teams of Friendship. The coaches used during the games are players from previous seasons.

The International Friendship Camp was held from 27-29 of June. Young coached and famous football players help train young football players to establish relationships between teams, elaborate on team tactics and help them feel the support of other team members.

On the 1st of July, football players of the FIFTH SEASON OF GAZPROM FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S SOCIAL PROGRAMME met on the emerald football field and demonstrated to guests from all over the world that friendship is possible regardless of gender, physical abilities and nationality.

Young players who did not participate in the final game held a number of friendly meetings to support the values of the programme FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP. Young sportsmen were supported by the main Russian ambassador of the program, the best scorer in the history of the Russian national team Alexander Kerzhakov, the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov and the first person of the Russian Football Union. More than 200 journalists from leading sports international media and representatives of football associations attended the games.