Children from 64 Countries Participated in FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP

This year marks the 5th season of FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP. This programme brings together young football players from 64 different counties who acted as ambassadors for the programme. Twelve year old boys and girls were united in eight international Teams of Friendship. The coaches used during the games are players from previous seasons.

The International Friendship Camp was held from 27-29 of June. Young coached and famous football players help train young football players to establish relationships between teams, elaborate on team tactics and help them feel the support of other team members.

On the 1st of July, football players of the FIFTH SEASON OF GAZPROM FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S SOCIAL PROGRAMME met on the emerald football field and demonstrated to guests from all over the world that friendship is possible regardless of gender, physical abilities and nationality.

Young players who did not participate in the final game held a number of friendly meetings to support the values of the programme FOOTBALL FOR FRIENDSHIP. Young sportsmen were supported by the main Russian ambassador of the program, the best scorer in the history of the Russian national team Alexander Kerzhakov, the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov and the first person of the Russian Football Union. More than 200 journalists from leading sports international media and representatives of football associations attended the games.

Under Armour launched new Unlike Any Campaign

Under Armour has launched it’s newest global marketing campaign entitled “Unlike Any.” Through collaboration with spoken word artists, the campaign celebrates and honours the unprecedented achievements of female athletes that rise above gender comparisons and stand on their own.

under armour, unlike any

Unlike Any shines a light on the remarkable talents of six Under Armour athletes including American Ballet Theatre principal ballerina Misty Copeland, long distance runner and Harlem Run Crew founder Alison Désir, world champion sprinter Natasha Hastings, and two of the brand’s newest athletes; professional stuntwoman Jessie Graff, and Chinese taekwondo champion and actress Zoe Zhang (Lanxin Zhang). Additionally, world champion alpine skier Lindsey Vonn’s Unlike Any film will premiere in Fall 2017.

Created in partnership with creative agency Droga5, the suite of campaign films were directed by Georgia Hudson of Agile Films. To portray these women as Unlike Any, she captured 360-degree rotations of their athleticism from every angle, paying homage to the movements that have driven their incredible achievements.

Large Air Dome Structure Advantages

airdomeThere is an innovative technology plan to build by mostly owners with huge property to maximize its use. They commonly prefer to have an air-structured dome for different purposes. The air-structured dome is highly use for different kinds of tournaments, sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball and recreation facilities, warehousing, temporary shelters, and more. Having an air-structured dome can be proposed to be a temporary or semi-temporary facility or permanent built. The shape of the air-supported structure is in dome-shaped but the most common shapes of the structure are hemispheres, ovals, and half cylinders. The air-supported structured dome have the equal air-pressure on the envelope utilized on the inside ground, pushing the whole construction up.

There are about advantages when compared to conventional constructions of similar size and application. In regards to the large air dome structure, here are the following advantages:
•    Significantly lower initial cost
•    Lower operating costs
•    Easy and quick to set up, dismantle, and relocate
•    Unobstructed open interior space
•    Cover almost any development
•    Custom fabric colors and sizes, including translucent fabric, allowing natural sunlight to pass through inside the area.

People interested to have one or build to their property usually ask how air supported structures – cost? It cost more affordable to the people wants to build dome. The pricing of the air-supported structure domes depends on the size of the property the owner has and the materials use building the domes. For more precise pricing, you may get free consultation or quote by different company making this type of domes. Make sure to choose company that are experts in design, manufacture, installation, and provide good service. Air-supported structure domes are more likely to be build faster than the conventional buildings. It will just take specific period of time and the dome can be use conveniently.