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  • Posted:May 10,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    I ordered the brand new Clarity Ensemble for a birthday present for my wife and requested that it be sent to my daughters house, on January 18th. Although the following day I need to call to get them send the email to me, order was recognized. I called to find out when it ought to be sent, a week after and, at that period, they explained that there's 10-day back-order and I will be notified when it was sent. A week after I called and was advised there was still 10-day back-order and I will be notified when it was sent. Finally, on the 15th of February (two days after my wife's birthday) I again called to be informed the cargo was delivered at 2:40 p.m. that day. Never received any notification relating to this. Checked with my daughter when she got home and mentioned no package was shipped and two hours later, she did receive a UPS cargo but not my purchase. Called customer support again and they stated they'd begin a tracer and will also be touching me. On Feb 20th, I was contacted by UPS and they concluded the bundle wasn't delivered and also would call the Outlet to expedite a reorder. On February 22nd. I called customer support and got another heavy accent Indian voice and was advised the tracer wouldn't be fulfilled until March the 4th. I told them concerning the dialogue with UPS and they must have been notified by now but he wouldn't budge from March 4th. I truly would terminate but my spouse has a hearing difficulty which new phone would help her a lot. Of course I was informed they would be connected but it could be the very first time in this entire procedure they would begin any kind of contact. They have had my $140 since the 18th of January and I have yet to get the goods. Really, a shoddy operation
  • Posted:Jun 03,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    Previously I have had amazing experiences with Beyond the Stand, nevertheless it is the time I've been sent the wrong thing / size. In Addition, because of the proven fact I had several things on one order, I'm really still awaiting conclusion of my own purchase.
  • Posted:Feb 14,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    It turned out to be an excellent purchase A